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5 Tips on Laundering your Lingerie

Most of the women are not sure about the best practices when it comes to washing the lingerie. The truth is that, by taking a few precautions, you can wash the lingerie at your home without any problems. We would today share with you a few different tips which you have to follow when you’re washing the lingerie at your home.


  1. Choosing the right cycle:

The cycle which you normally choose for gentle fabric or delicate fabric is the one which you should choose for washing lingerie. This is also the closest cycle to washing the lingerie manually. This lower the speed, the less is the abrasion and therefore the less would be the detoriation of the fabric.


  1. Choosing the right detergent:

You need to choose detergents which are mild and which consist of less harsh chemicals. You have to choose the detergents with less synthetic chemicals. This would ensure that not only the color of the lingerie remains intact but also the softness of the fabric remains intact as well.


  1. Putting the lingerie in a bag:

One problem which you would often suffer from when you’re washing lingerie in the washing machine is that the straps or the hooks can get easily stuck in the washing machine. This would actually tear up the lingerie. A great idea would be to use a mesh bag in order to put your lingerie into it. Thereafter, you can put the entire bag in the washing machine. This ensures that there is no risk of the hooks or the straps getting stuck.


  1. Washing the lingerie in batches:

Instead of washing the lingerie with another type of clothing option like jeans or towels, it is a much better idea to wash them in batches. This would ensure that there is no deterioration of the lingerie due to other fabrics.


  1. Use air drying:

Instead of using the dryer of the washing machine, it is a much better idea to use air drying. You have to hang it with the help of the Centre gore rather than hanging it by the sides. You can also use a mesh bag in order to dry it as well.


Thus, when you are thinking of washing your lingerie instead of giving it to a professional cleaner, you can wash it at home using the above few tips which we have highlighted. With the help of these steps, you would be able to wash your lingerie at home without any problems.



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