7 Essential Lingerie Rules you must know

Do you have a lingerie drawer as a lady that gives you that feeling of confidence? If no, then you must be guilty of still wearing those cheap “pack panties”. Lingeries help in making a lady look and feel sexy as well as reveal and modify those attractive body parts of the lady like the bust, hips and so on. Apart from being worn as undies, lingerie, as well as thong and bras, also serve the purpose of swimming outfit. However, there are seven essential rules every lady who wears lingerie must know and here they are;


1.  Lingeries that meet your personal choice and shaping needs

Rather than buy those cheap “pack” panties that come in 5 or 6 pairs as a lady, I would advise you go for lingeries that tuck your tummy and remove any possibility of visible body fat above your waist line which could make you feel less sexy.  One interesting fact of these shaping lingeries is that you can have them in different fabrics, cuts, and colors that can satisfy that exact taste of yours.

2.  Feel free to experiment

Going with wild patterns when it comes to panties is an inexpensive and fun filled way to experiment with different designs and colors. Simple bras should be preferred for daily use while fanciful ones should be worn on special occasions

3. Know Your Cup Size

It's a great idea to know your size, as many women tend not to know the correct size when purchasing lingerie, mostly because your size has changed since the last time you took measurements. Most women end up wearing the wrong bra size because they lack this knowledge. To know the exact bra size that will fit you, I advise you measure every inch around the fullest part of your bust, directly under your bust and also your rib cage using a measuring tape.

4. Defining your style

Although lingeries are seen as marketed as a basic seduction tool for attracting others, especially men, you must see it as an extension of your own style and fashion wardrobe.

5. Priorities sexy feelings

You should always wear lingerie that highlights the sexy and feminine feelings in you. Any undies that cause a man to have an undiluted desire of your body is a perfect lingerie to make you feel sexy and should be your choice of thong.

6. Your bra should compliment your outfit

You should always let your outfit determine the type and color of bra you wear.

7. Shop from expert stores

Shopping for  lingeries or bras from just any stores is not advisable, you should shop from lingerie stores with expert sales persons who specialize in accessing the right size for you. Our site (http://www.theoneapparel.com) can be of help to you in that regard.


There is no doubt that lingerie and intimate garments are the pieces that help boost your sexual confidence. So, do well to treat yourself to some sexy lingerie today, paying attention to your size and the following tips above and you won't be disappointed. There is something for everyone at theoneapparel.com


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