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How to Choose a Great Lingerie for Your Everyday Wear

Lingerie is an integral part of every woman’s everyday wear and should be part of your wardrobe. Whether it’s to work, the gym, staying in the house or attending a special occasion Theone Apparel got you covered. Good lingerie has the power to make you look and feeling incredibly good. The effect that a well fitting bra and panty have is undeniably amazing. However, lingerie seems to be the item that is overlooked and ignored by most women.

The same way that you build your clothes collection in terms of fashions, should also be the same case when it comes to sorting out and building your lingerie collection.

Here are the five essential items for revamping your lingerie draw

  • The everyday Bra

When you decide to sort out you lingerie collection this should be first thing since you will wear it almost daily. Therefore, you need a bra that fits well into your shape and makes you feel comfortable. An everyday bra reflects your lifestyle and you should never go wrong about it. For instance, the Black Eyelash Lace Push-Up Bra fits in very well with shirts that you wear to work.

  • A 3 piece set: bra, panties and garter

A combination of all this three items makes lingerie look classy and there are two types of garter belts; 4 strap and 6-strap. The four strap normally goes around the hips and unlike the 6 strap, the stockings are a bit loose. The 6 strap sits on the waist and is best for an entire day’s wear, while the 4 strap is best for evenings only. Some of them include; Lacy Garter Dress with stockings and Seductive All-In-One Lingerie Set.

  • Romper or slip

These items are a good way of upgrading from those baggy t-shirts you sleep in. The best thing about slips is that they fit different body types, but, rompers can be a bit trick finding your best fit. So you need to spend enough time choosing your fit when decide to buy.

  • Seamless Knickers

With these in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about visible panty lines. Due to new technologies fabric can be easily welded together which makes underwear invisible. For those who are not used to thongs, this is a great option and can be worn under white fabric skirts or trousers.

  • A robe

 Not only does a woman need good lingerie, bust one also needs a nice robe that can be layered on top of the lingerie pieces you love. Good fabric lingerie can be carried when going on holiday, worn when you are lounging around the house or even after a shower. During summer, you can choose from a variety of them such as; Lace Trim Lingerie Robe Set, Lace & Stripes Lingerie Robe Set or Lacy Trim Lingerie Pajamas Robe Set etc.


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