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What are the Best Lingerie Outfits for the New Year?

It is a New Year, and time to try a new sexy look. You will be surprised how a few sexy lingerie items can make a difference. Want to spice things up a notch in the bedroom?   Dump the old rumpled t-shirt and shorts, and slip on a sexy come-on chemise. The New Year has a lot to offer if you are looking for sexy pajamas, chemises, camisoles or lace robes. Try these top lingerie items for a different sexier look.

Sheer chemise

This hot piece with lace details is just what would set the mood for a sexy evening. The V-neckline is intricately decorated with a lace pattern on the sheer material covering of the bodice. A butterfly knot ribbon hangs from the center chest. The bottom hem is also flowery lace trimming.

There are colors for different occasions; red, dark purple, purple, green, pink and black.  It is available in S, M, L and XL sizes. You also get a sheer lace robe and G-string of matching colors with this chemise.

Lace and Satin Chemise Robe Set

Lace and satin pajamas

Tired of sleeping in clothes that get tangled up in the beddings? This lace and satin pajama set will put an end to all that. The material is 100% smooth silk. This pajama set is stylishly decorated with sew-on flowers on the collar and sleeves. The shirt has 5 buttons for easy wearing. It comes with 2 sets of long sleeve shirts and long sleeve pants. The colors are pink, purple and light brown.

Sexy Sheer Geisha Lingerie Robe Set

Geisha lingerie lace robe

This red hot geisha-inspired lace robe will certainly catch your partner’s eye. It is richly decorated with an embroidered border that blends beautifully with the sheer material. The sleeves are full, wide and loose with the same beautiful embroidered decorations on the sleeve hems. It comes with a tieback top and a matching G-string in the same screaming red color.

Lacy Sheer Camisole Dress with G-String

Lacy sheer camisole

This piece gives you the perfect mix of sexy and comfy. The sheer bodice flows freely, with a softly structured bra top and a plunging neckline for the right glimpses. The bodice is accented by a lace trim that goes all the way to the bra line level. This stylish piece comes in black and purple. It is in S.M and L sizes. You get a matching G-string with this camisole.

These lingerie items will get your sexy back in the New Year. It is a new look for a new year. Try out these sexy lingerie pieces for a new experience.



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